Lumen Incorporated Overview

Lumen Incorporated a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, provides support in the arena of technology education and training opportunities, to underserved populations. We work with individuals and groups representing the Honorably discharged U.S. military veterans, active duty personnel, military spouses and dependents, caregivers, inclusive of the National Guard and Reserves, disabled Government Agencies and Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s); Schools, Colleges and Universities; Other Nonprofit organizations [as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code]. Lumen employs an Executive Director who manages the corporation’s day-to-day activity.

Lumen Incorporated contracts with training services and centers to provide Subject Matter Experts (SME), mentors, individual tutoring, authors, editors and project managers to develop multi-media course content, and pre/post content assessments that can be used as original coursework or embedded as extensions of existing courses or be used as tutorials. Our education team seeks out innovative training opportunities that offer online training, hands on reinforcement of coursework, self-paced and classroom opportunities, individual assistance, remote educational assistance via the latest technology, open source resource material, certification exam preparation, and online personal portfolios. Lumen focuses its efforts on promoting technology career path driven training in the public education sector, workforce development areas, military personnel transitioning to the public sector, active duty military improving their technology skills, and underserved populations.

Lumen Incorporated’s activities further its exempt purpose of providing for the research, distribution, and development educational materials. All education materials and courses will be made available at cost recovery or at no cost, depending upon whether the curriculum is used for a specific certification or solely for educational enhancements. Lumen intends to provide education and training to target populations at no cost as much as possible via grants from governmental or corporate entities. Where necessary, charges will be imposed solely to recover the cost of production and distribution of curriculum, staffing and operational expenses.

Lumen Incorporated will fund its activities through fundraising and from obtaining grants through governmental agencies, including the military. Lumen will also solicit grants from support organizations such as the Veterans Administration and philanthropic grants from corporate entities interested in educational advancement and the certification and employment of transitioning military personnel, for example.