About the Lumen Incorporated Staff

Ed McKenzie


Mr. McKenzie is a retired educator with 20 years of classroom experience.  He left the classroom to work with Cisco Systems’ Network Academy Program. This experience led Mr. McKenzie to create Academic Business Consultants, Inc. (ABC). For 12 years, ABC developed custom online content for workforce development, non-profits supporting public education, and for military veterans.


  • Created Algebra Summer Intersession program for 7th and 8th graders that was recognized with a Clinton Global Education Award.
  • Developed technology-training courses for use by wounded veterans undergoing continual treatment in military hospitals.
  • Acted as content consultant for community college course used to teach Entrepreneurial Skills for small business development.
  • Provided hands on classroom lessons to accompany NBC’s Science of the Winter Olympics and Science of the NFL television programs.
  • Worked with non-profit in Scotland to align online vocational content with United Kingdom National Education Standards.
  • Led content team in the creation of online training program for Read to a Child Mentors.
  • Through Cisco Systems, Inc., provided program management for the White House Technology Pilot for Transitioning Military.

Mike Turico


Mr. Turico is a software executive with over 30 years experience with firms such as IBM, Motorola, Unicon, Sandbox Entertainment, EdgePoint Technology and most recently  Acacia University.


  • Created "Cyberhunt", the first corporate sponsored Internet game using the World Wide Web protocols.
  • Developed the network design that allowed Sandbox, Inc. to become the 10th busiest web site in the world.
  • Designed and implemented Cisco Learning Institute's software architecture, one of the largest and most scalable electronic learning initiatives in existence.
  • Led the Agile software development teams responsible for building enterprise level software applications.
  • Designed and developed all coursework leading to a student having the ability to acquire an Associate of Science degree in Information Technology with a Cyber Security specialization from Acacia University.
  • Created, and maintained corporate web sites and e-commerce sites using the Open Source Technologies Moodle, Joomla, Drupal, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

David Alexander


Dr. Alexander holds a Doctorate of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Catholic University, Washington, D.C. His MA in School Administration is from University of South Florida and his BA in Education is from East Carolina University. His experience includes the following:

  • Lumen Incorporated – Executive Director
  • Cisco Learning Institute – Executive Director
  • Arizona School Services for Educational Technology – Assistant Director
  • Cave Creek Unified School District – Superintendent
  • San Luis Coastal Unified School District – Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services
  • Adjunct Professor, and instructor for various universities
  • Teacher in Special Education in various schools and school districts

David also has philanthropic, educational, business, and technology experience in various national and international projects. Part of his current mission is “finding new ways of influencing the way people learn by empowering their schools and businesses to use Internet-based tools that enable the rate and retention of learning to increase.”