Who We Are

Lumen Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation committed to increasing the availability of technology education and certification for students of all ages, and underserved populations.

What We Do

Lumen has professional educators and technology experts providing technology curriculum development, courseware design, online and classroom delivery, tech mentor assistance, assessment prep, workforce development and consultation.

How We Do It

Lumen works with innovative groups, utilizes up-to-date technology for delivery, has become a CompTIA Academy Partner for certification exams, and is working with young people to gain technology certifications so they can act as mentors.

Lumen Incorporated has one simple goal, to support technology education. Our aim is to work with underserved kids of all ages. Whether it is a toddler coding-robotic camp, a high school hack-a-thon, or assisting at risk teens to receive technology training and certification. We work to encourage more young women to seek technology education and careers.


Lumen Incorporated is an extraordinary organization dedicated to assisting students in achieving tech pursuits beyond their intended goals.  At Generation Tech Support, our students have significantly improved career, business entrepreneurship and technical skill objectives.  Thanks to Lumen our students have had the opportunity to obtain advanced, technical certifications and develop prestigious partnerships with tech giants. We are very appreciative to Ed McKenzie and Mike Turico for their support and collaboration.  We look forward to expanding our professional partnerships for many years forward.

Read to a Child worked with Lumen Incorporated to create an online training for our volunteer mentors. We are very happy with the end product and consistently get good feedback from our volunteers.

It has been a pleasure for the Yuma County Education Services Agency to work with Lumen Incorporated on The Yuma Technology Project — they provided great insight and brought experience to the project. I have valued the personal engagement and relationship they created on our project, and they have continuously exceeded expectations.

Our nonprofit Generation YES organization has worked with Lumen Incorporated on a large 32-school project in Yuma County Arizona for two years. The Lumen team worked onsite during the preparation, training and implementation phases of the project and provided valuable formative and summative evaluation resulting in a successful educational reform effort.

Lumen Incorporated’s work put in place a solid foundation for Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) to create a sustainable teacher improvement, student intervention program in mathematics. The pilots during inter-sessions and summer, the teacher enrichment, student intervention and pre and post testing that they brought to SVEF has enabled our Elevate Math program to become sustainable.

We learned to trust Lumen’s work. I’m sure you will also.

The office of the Yuma County Superintendent’s and its Educational Service Agency (ESA) received a significant grant from Cisco Technologies. The grant provided TelePresence capability to more than 56 educational sites in Yuma County, which benefited approximately 40,000 students in our region. New educational program partnerships were established and resources were used to train staff and students in the use of TelePresence.  This effort has been made possible through the guidance of Lumen Incorporated Team. Their assistance has allowed a small County ESA with limited staff to effectively and efficiently obtain and manage this grant to the benefit of our county’s students and staff.   I cannot imagine our effort being the success it has been without the Lumen assistance.